July 4th, 2008

WoW - Kael'thas dancing

Ding! Lvl 27!

> It is your birthday!
> You have gained a level!
> Age goes up by 1.
> Finances go up by 1.
> Responsibilities go up by 1.
> Interest in Travel goes up by 1.
> Social pressure to Get A Boyfriend Already goes up by 1.
> Desire to write Sephiroth/Hotaru smutty epic goes up by 50.
> Guild demand for crazy pally tanking goes up by 50.
> Guilt over neglecting LJ goes up by 100.
> Laziness goes up by 9999.

> You attack Actual Grownup Responsibilities
> Actual Grownup Responsibilities hit you for 99999 (crushing blow)
> You die.
> Your equipped items suffer a 10% durability loss.

In other, more serious words, it's my birthday today, I'm 27, and I still feel like I'm only 18 years old. :-( WTH, I'm almost 30, 30 year olds are supposed to have a mortgage and be married and have kids and go to parties involving finger food in order to network. I'm sitting around the apartment my parents paid for and playing video games between writing fanfic and Death Note stuff. >.> Seriously, I feel like I kinda missed out the whole, "growing up" phase of life.

... not that that's necessarily a bad thing. ;-)

At any rate, today should be fun... Nata is taking me out to see Cirque du Soleil, which is always made of awesome. Then this weekend I'm having the gang come around for pizza and cake (which may or may not be a lie). It's a welcome break from the samurai drama that is EATING MY SOUL. :P

In more general news,
Happy Independence Day!
to the Americans on my friends list. Here's to a day of fireworks, BBQs, and whatever else you strange foreign people do on such a day. ;D