June 27th, 2008

MST3K - I seem to have died


I really, REALLY have to learn to stop being such a good worker. I keep thinking that by being a good worker, I will get all the really cushy, "ya dun wrry just relax" jobs. Instead, I seem to be the go-to person for the, "We need you to start this instant and finish yesterday, so drop anything remotely resembling free time" jobs. And now they're coming at me from OUTSIDE Ocean.

My latest project is a live action samurai drama that was offered to me by one of the translators I worked with through Ocean. This sounds AWESOME AND DEEP AND EDGY except when you realize that samurai dramas are the Japanese equivalent of soap operas. At one point I had to write the direction for the heroine to engage in, "GRIEFSTRICKEN CRYING ADLIB" when what I really wanted to write was, "OVERACT AND GO RED ALL OVER WHILE SHRIEKING IN AN OVERDRAMATIC WAY". Plus they DON'T STOP TALKING. EVER. Gorram it, I want to see samurais fighting each other with swords, not endless talking heads. Although then there was a fight scene in the episode I was writing, and I wanted to get back to the talking heads. >.>

Did I mention each episode was 43 minutes long? >.>

Having said that, I confess I'm still glad to have taken the job. For one thing, I'm being paid $15 per running minute, so $700 an ep is in no way to be sneezed at... especially since I've been starved for work since Death Note finished. For another, it's really interesting to try working on a live action dub for once. It's a lot more challenging as there tend to be lots of awkward pauses... but in some ways, it's easier, as I never have to worry about the original Japanese not matching the lip flaps. ;-) And despite my general malaise over the series itself, it has a few redeeming features; the main "antagonist" is actually pretty darned awesome in that badass Saito Hajime kind of way. Plus I found out by accident that watching a samurai drama on fast-forward is made of win. Chipmunk samurai fights ftw.

So, enough of work. Time for goofy fun, care of the, "Compare your fandoms to boyfriends" meme, which has been floating around my flist from time to time but is, today, brought to you by megalomaniageek.

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And because I have no life... why don't we try it again, only with pairings? ;-) (Feel free to pass THAT on as a meme if it hasn't been already XD)

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Lo, go forth and meme. ^^