May 9th, 2008


First day in Cairo - Memphis, Saqqara, Pyramids

So, time to start a more indepth overview of my trip. Most of these posts will be rather image heavy as I attempt to slog through my photos and arrange them in something of vague interest. Most of the pictures contain links to my LJ scrapbook where you can see bigger versions of the pics.

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Wow, that took a while. >.> Between the writeup and sorting through my gazillion photos, this could get timeconsuming. Ah well. ;-) Hope everyone enjoyed it somewhat, at least! Don't know when the next one will be, have to stagger through all the pictures of Luxor first. >.> Also, it's taking me a while to figure out exactly how to run iPhoto... >.> Hence as a result, I'm sure every single one of these pictures is at different exposures/tints/etc. XD I suppose as long as you can see what it is, mission accomplished? ;D