May 2nd, 2008

Beauty and the Beast - anti-yaoi

In which Usagi tackles the deep and philosophical issue of Egyptian religious pr0n

Fact: Egyptian locals really love my legs.

Admittedly, said locals are all mosquitos, sand fleas, camel fleas, and other biting insects, but rest assured, they LURVE me. Really, *really* lurve me. I have their hickies all over my vulnerable, sensitive flesh. Seriously, one amorous bug decided to leave his mark on the end of my toe. WTF. At any rate, my legs are now a cheerful explosion of red blotches, and my current goal in life is either to leap into a swimming pool of aloe vera or to engage in a vigorous rubdown using an unpeeled pineapple.

Obviously, this is a great segue for temple porn and smut in Egyptian religion!

Stuff beyond the cut is so, SO nsfw, not to mention quite tasteless. ;D

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Right, I'm sure I've offended all your delicate sensibilities by now. ;-) Just remember, if two people have their knees touching, they're obviously having sex. Keep this in mind as you walk through life, and I'm sure it will guide you and set you right. ;-)