May 1st, 2008

Sephiroth AC - sunset Sephy

Post like an Egyptian

By Osiris! What is this strange, unusual, thing I see before me?



My word! I do believe it's an actual functioning internet connection! :O I thought this was the sort of thing of myth, scrawled fondly on the walls of tombs next to hieroglyphs of routers and laptops. >.>

Yeah, I've been totally without internet access for the past two weeks, pretty much... we were in Cairo for only one day, then the net was down in Luxor, then we were on not one but TWO cruises for days on end, then an overnight train up to Cairo again... blarg. But here we can at least purchase a day's worth of internet, which is what we've done today.

I wish I could at this point say, YAY I HAZ LOTS OF REPORTS TO POST and stuff, but unfortunately... I've been remiss. ;_; I kept meaning to type up reports of what we've done so far, but I'm afraid I haven't been up to it. Egypt is way, WAY hotter than I was expecting, and that coupled with all the hiking/walking has left us all totally drained. Most of the time I just curled up in bed and read a book or played with my DS/iPod. No brilliant witty journal writing about all the temples... just me getting my "The Tudors"/Phoenix Wright groove on, I'm afraid. -_-

But I'm not gonna give up yet. :P Once I get home, I'm intending to sit down and work out a full report on all the stuff we saw and all the events, etc etc, along with YAYZ PICTOORS.

In the meantime, here's a little random blurb about a very interesting and unexpected piece of excitement/amusement in Egypt...

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I'm flying back to Vancouver on Monday (leaving early Monday morning, arriving back in... on Monday morning, go fig >.>). I'm hoping I'll be able to make at least one more post before then... I want to talk about Egyptian temple pr0n, which is so amusing that we're still snickering about it. But then, my family and I have smutty dirty minds. ;-)

If I don't get to post before leaving, though, I'll be back soon, and hopefully with decent writeups. ^^ I've loved this trip very much, and I've been able to do things I've dreamed of my whole life, but at the same time, I'll be glad to come home and let the whole thing digest. ^^ Anyway, hope everyone's having fun one way or another, and hope my little missive helped amuse. ^^