March 18th, 2008

Pride and Prejudice - murder

Fangirl raaaage

Yeah, that's right, a WoW post. I'm sure SOME people will appreciate it. >.> It's short, at least.

Dear Blizzard,

Die in the firey depths of the Sunwell, you lore-screwing, character-twisting bastards.

That is all.

Now excuse me while I beat you to death with the corpse of Kael'thas Sunstrider's characterization, kthnx.

No love,
Eilsa the orc hunter
Kafelesefu the blood elf paladin
Apentenost the undead warlock

PS Having said that, thnx very much for the swanky badge crossbow and the amazing tankadin MagTerrace stuff. I will attempt to turn off the part of my brain that appreciates accurate characterization and well-developed plot, in favor of the part that thinks purple is a very pretty color when worn by my toons. ^^