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After watching the last episode of Death Note...

Dear self,


Seriously, WTF.

You've hung out on the Internet a long time... especially in Something Awful and World of Warcraft.

You should know better.

You should have known better than to try and use the phrase, "It's a trap," in a serious capacity in any work of yours.

Now the pinnacle of your writing career, the climactic final scene of one of your favorite series, is going to be fodder for Admiral Ackbar references FOREVER.

Hope you are satisfied, you bloody moron.

No love,
The Moron Who Thought Having Light Say, "It's a Trap" Was Pretty Justified All Things Considering

P.S. Near says that you've Lost the Game. On the plus side, at least you didn't use the phrase, "This is MADNESS!" anywhere.

In all seriousness, I thought the last episode was very well done, and I felt a tinge of professional pride over it... only to then see that YouTube has lit up with permutations of the "It's a Trap" meme. Damnit, I should have known better that to use that line. I feel like such a moron. -_- Now all the drama is ruined by lulz. ;_; I'm sorry, Brad Swaile... you did such a great job with it too.

Non-spoilery version: Today's lesson is, when writing the scripts for a popular televised anime, never use a sentence or phrase that has ever factored into a major Internet meme. Your professional pride will be dashed forever under the uncaring heels of YouTube posters. :P
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